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House Jacos
House Jacos

Yellow and Gold




Aderonack (formerly)

House Jacos is one of the High Houses in the Kingdom of Norta. Members of this family are singers. Julian Jacos is currently the last known member of House Jacos.


Like House Merandus, House Jacos is distrusted because of their manipulative ability, albeit more openly.

Once a large and wealthy house that governed the Aderonack region of Norta, it has been leveled by years of bad debts and social isolation. Members of House Jacos used to live at court when they were a very respectable High House, indispensable to Calore kings, before they lost its greatness in part due to many members dying in the Lakelander war.

Its governorship was eventually lost to House Provos, due to Harrus Jacos poor management, despite his daughter's soon-to-be royal position. Coriane Jacos's marriage to the Crown Prince Tiberias Calore VI, caused a scandal among the High Houses and the ladies competing for Queenstrial, who had waited a long time for the chance to potentially become the Queen of Norta. After her death, House Jacos is all but extinct.[1]


Members of House Jacos are singers, meaning they could use their voice to control people as long as direct eye contact is established.

Notable Members[]


  1. Queen Song