House Lerolan
Lerolan Crest.png
House Lerolan

Orange and Red




Delphie Region

House Lerolan is one of the High Houses in the Kingdom of Norta. Members of this family possess the ability to explode objects through physical touch, and are called oblivions.


House Lerolan are the governors of the Delphie region.

House Lerolan, under the rule of Dowager Queen Anabel Lerolan, rebelled against King Maven Calore. They formed an alliance with the other rebelling Houses, the Free Republic of Montfort, and the Scarlet Guard to restore Cal to the throne.

Many members of House Lerolan have black hair and bronze eyes like House Calore.


Like House Titanos, members of House Lerolan are oblivions. Their ability works by breaking apart molecular bonds in a swift and violent fashion.

Notable Members


  • Mare says that the orange and red colors of the Sentinel robes might have been inspired by the colors of House Lerolan.
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