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House Skonos
House Skonos

Silver and Red


Skin Healer

House Skonos is one of the High Houses in the Kingdom of Norta. Members of this family are skin healers, who are healers who can heal anyone but themselves.


The members of House Skonos lead strange lives as they are often both servants and masters. Many are apprenticed to powerful lords or wealthy Silver civilians, working as healers and glorified beauticians. The most talented members of House Skonos serve the royal family and governors, while lesser healers are dispatched to the war front to aid Silver soldiers or work in various arenas healing fighters in Feats of First Friday.

The leading lord or lady of House Skonos is the personal physician to the king and queen, charged with keeping them healthy. This makes it a dangerous position should they fail.

During the Nortan Civil War, many members of House Skonos supported King Maven Calore. After Cal defeats him, they refused to swear allegiance to Cal.


Members of House Skonos are skin healers, giving them the ability to heal others with physical touch.

Notable Members[]