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House Titanos
House Titanos

Purple and Silver



House Titanos was one of the High Houses in the Kingdom of Norta. Members of this family possessed the ability to make objects explode through physical touch, and are called oblivions. The House is currently extinct in Norta.


A military family whittled down by war and their wayward, solitary nature. Many members of this House left Norta of their own accord, scattering to other nations of the continent. The last leader was Ethan Titanos, a general, who was killed in the Lakelander War, leaving his bloodline extinguished in Norta, and his House seat empty.

Upon the discovery of Mare Barrow and her ability, she was disguised as Ethan's long-lost daughter, and lauded as the young head of House Titanos.

House Titanos merged with House Calore after it went extinct.


Members of House Titanos were oblivions. Their ability worked by breaking apart molecular bonds in a swift and violent fashion.

Notable Members[]