House Welle is one of the High Houses in the Kingdom of Norta. Members of this family possess the ability to manipulate plant life, and are called greenwardens.

House Welle
House Welle

Green and Gold




The Capital River Valley

History[edit | edit source]

House Welle holds the governorship over the Capital River Valley region of Norta. The capital of the area is Arborus.

Nightingale Welle, a member of this House, married into the royal family of House Calore and was the mother of five children, including Tiberias Calore V.

During the Nortan Civil War, House Welle sides with King Maven Calore. After Cal defeats him at Harbor Bay, House Welle swears allegiance to Cal.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Members of House Welle are greenwardens. They have the ability to control plant and fungi life .

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

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