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Ibarem is a newblood and the brother of Tahir and Rash.


War Storm[]

Ibarem is in Premier Dane Davidson's office helping him prepare to return to Montfort to get more soldiers. Davidson asks Ibarem to use his ability to inform Tahir, who is at the Piedmont base, that Mare Barrow will be coming the next day to bring her family to Montfort, where they will live.


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Physical Description[]

Ibarem and his brothers are identical triplets with dark brown skin, black hair, mud-brown eyes, and a well manicured beard. Like his brothers, he has a scar on his face, his being on his chin, to tell them apart. The scars were done by Silver lord long ago.


Ibarem has the mutation that grants him a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. His ability gives him a mental link with his brothers, Tahir and Rash. Their ability does not yet have a name.