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Irabelle is a Scarlet Guard stronghold located on the outskirts of the Lakelander city of Trial, near the Nortan border.


Irabelle is a Scarlet Guard base used to train and as a way station where operatives stay while they wait for their next assignments. It is partly underground and entirely overlooked. The structure is much larger than needed, easy to navigate for insiders and easy to get lost in for invaders. Irabelle is incredibly cold and damp in the summer and frigid in the winter, with icicles dangling from rooms without a heat source. It is made of concrete, dim tunnels and mazelike passages, and perfect for seeking quiet. Most of its entrances and halls are rigged with floodgates, to be drowned at Colonel Farley's orders, if need be.

Irabelle holds an infirmary, a gun range, a central control filled with screens and communication equipment, and Colonel Farley's office. The office looks like a tomb, a closed space made of concrete walls and a low ceiling, with no windows and a single lamp that often burns out. It is located one floor above the bunk rooms and has a few locked cabinets and a single desk. The Guard operatives stay at the barracks.[1][2]


Irabelle was the only proper base of the Scarlet Guard in the region, considered the beating heart of the organization, among the other safe houses along the river and deeper in the wood of the Lakelands. Colonel Farley and Captain Diana Farley used to stay there in between missions after the Drowning of the Northlands, though Diana never felt at home in Irabelle.[1]

In 320 NE, the Guard relocated to Irabelle for a time after their former stronghold in Norta, the base at Tuck Island, was revealed to King Maven Calore. The Guard operatives usually gathered in the central control to watch broadcasts and get communications. Cal used a room hidden by wood pallets and scrap metals, down an unused corridor cluttered with scraps, to communicate beyond the walls of Irabelle, with his grandmother Anabel Lerolan.[2]


  • During her stay at Irabelle, Cameron Cole noted that Passages 4 and 5 and Sub 7 needed wire stripping, and Barracks A needed heat.[2]