Iranne Cygnet was a princess of the Lakelands was the second wife of King Tiberias Calore I.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Iranne had three children with Tiberias: Tiberias Calore II, Fyrion Calore, and Caesera Samos. Her husband ruled for many years. As a result, Tiberias Calore II became king at a later age and only ruled for less than two years. Her grandson, Caesar Calore II, then became king. Because he wasn't of age yet, Iranne and Caesar's mother, Irina Calore ruled as his regents.

Iranne's other son, Fyrion, claimed he would be a better ruler. Fyrion and his wife, Lady Crestina Titanos, led a civil war against Caesar II. They were backed by House Titanos. The Dowager Queen Iranne, Queen Regent Irina, and Princess Caesera Samos, were eventually able to triumph. The support of House Samos was integral to keeping Caesar II in power. Prince Fyrion was executed for his attempt to usurp the throne, and his infant son, Prince Crest Calore, was exiled from Norta.

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