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Quote1.png You are not a dog my dear, dogs obey. Quote2.png
— Maven to Iris Cygnet in War Storm

Iris Cygnet is the younger princess of the Lakelands and the wife of King Maven Calore of Norta.


King's Cage[]

Iris is present at the Choke when her father, King Orrec Cygnet, and King Maven Calore end the Lakelander War and form an alliance to defeat the Scarlet Guard. As part of the terms of the alliance, King Orrec demands that Maven marry Iris as proof of his trustworthiness. Maven agrees and proposes to Iris, who says yes.

Iris accompanies Maven back to Archeon. She meets Mare Barrow, who is being held prisoner by Maven, and Evangeline Samos, who was betrothed to Maven previously. While Evangeline seems apprehensive about the betrothal between Maven and Iris, Iris appears calm and collected.

Her wedding takes place two months later. However, the Scarlet Guard infiltrates the reception and begins attacking Silvers in what is called the Wedding Battle. Iris fights back to defend Maven and subsequently escapes through an underground train system with him.

War Storm[]

Iris waits with her mother, Queen Cenra Cygnet, and sister, Crown Princess Tiora Cygnet, to bury her father when King Maven Calore brings his body home after he dies at the battle of Corvium at the hands of Lord Salin Iral.

After the funeral, she talks with Maven as they make their way to the palace. She attempts to convince him that they need Piedmont and that they should send people to find Prince Bracken's abducted children. Maven refuses and insults Iris, referring to her as worse than a dog. Iris retaliates by referencing how he lost Mare.

Later, Iris, her mother, and her sister meet to speak about their alliance with the Kingdom of Norta and Maven. They make a plan to avenge the king. She and Iris meet with Anabel Lerolan shortly after.

Broken Throne[]

Evangeline sent Iris a letter. She claims that communication between the two were well. Evangeline claims that they wrote “princess to princess” and she advised Iris to quit while she’s ahead.


According to Evangeline, Iris is too calm for her liking. Mare agrees, calling Iris a "creature of self-control."[1] She clearly doesn't like Maven and is suspicious and curious about Mare. Iris was trained to fight, not to rule. It is her duty to support her sister in whatever way she needs.

Iris is manipulative. She maneuvers herself into leading the rescue of Prince Bracken's children in order to bring Piedmont over to the Lakelanders' side more than Norta's. She also manipulates Maven so that she and her mother can capture him during the meeting with Cal to trade him for Salin Iral and eventually Volo Samos.

Physical Description[]

Iris has dark skin, straight black hair, and storm gray eyes. She is tall, very muscular, and has an hourglass figure. She has black tattoos on her back that resemble whirls of water. According to Mare, Iris is very beautiful and seems to know that. She likes to pose and to show her muscles and tattoos. Iris' voice is calm and measured.


Iris is a nymph, meaning she can control water with her mind. As expected for a member of the royal family, Iris is very powerful. She forms a large wave made from the humidity in the air to protect her and other Silvers from Ella's lightning attacks. She is also strong enough to control the ocean, as she does when uses it to flood Fort Patriot in Harbor Bay.


Cenra Cygnet[]

After Orrec's death, Cenra was more afraid of Iris staying in Norta alone with Maven. She implied more than once that she doesn't want to lose her children, too. Iris appears to return her mother's affections but knows she must return to Norta with Maven.


  • According to Victoria Aveyard, many Lakelanders, especially the royal family, are descendants of the First Nations and French-Canadians.[2]


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