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Iris Cygnet is the younger princess of the Lakelands and the wife of King Maven Calore of Norta.

Biography Edit

Betrothal to Maven CaloreEdit

As the kings of Norta and Lakelands agree upon, Maven Calore is set to marry Iris Cygnet in pursuance of declaring the war's end. Iris pledges herself to Maven and follows him back to Archeon. She meets Mare Barrow, the prisoner to the king, and Evangeline Samos and her family. Although Evangeline seems apprehensive about the betrothal, Iris is all but calm and collected.

Her wedding takes place two months later. However, the Scarlet Guard infiltrates the reception and begins attacking Silvers. Iris fights back to defend Maven and subsequently escapes with him. In the aftermath of the attack and the battle at Corvium, Iris loses her father's life to Salin Iral and remains alone in Archeon.

Betrayal Edit

After being offered a deal by Anabel Lerolan and Julian Jacos, Iris and her mother decided to betray Maven Calore in an attempt to get revenge on Volo Samos and Salin Iral. They turned in Maven to the Scarlet Guards, Norta and Montfort and drowned Salin.

Broken Throne Edit

In Broken Throne, Evangeline Samos sent Iris a letter. She claims that communication between the two were well.


According to Evangeline Samos, Iris is too calm for her liking. She seems to have earnest curiosity in the way of life inside of Norta and their king, Maven Calore. Moreover, she does not seem to like Maven and is suspicious of Mare. She is very friendly to everyone, even Mare.

Physical descriptionEdit

Iris has caramel skin, straight black hair, and storm gray eyes. She is tall, very muscular and has an hourglass figure. She has black tattoos on her back that resemble whirls of water. According to Mare, Iris is very beautiful and seems to know that. She likes to pose and to show her muscles and tattoos.


Water ManipulationEdit

Iris is a Nymph, meaning she can control water with her mind. She seems to be very powerful which was shown in Kings Cage when she uses a big wave made from the humidity of the air to protect her and other Silvers from lightning.


  • 'Cygnet' is based on the French word Cygne, meaning 'swan'.
  • According to Victoria Aveyard, many Lakelanders, especially the royal family, are descendants of the First Nations.
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