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Janny Arven also known as "Kitten", is a silence from House Arven. In King's Cage, she guards Mare Barrow while being imprisoned by Maven Calore.

Biography Edit

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Personality Edit

Known for her kindness in the books. Janny also known as kitten was described by Mare to be unusually kind.

Physical description Edit

Mare describes her as an older woman that is smaller than her, with a tiny face and blue eyes with blond hair.

Abilities and skills Edit

She can bend bones despite her being an Arven. Certain sentences in the book hint that she was adopted. "Janny didn't look at all like the people she called family."

Relationships Edit

Janny has two older sisters and one younger brother supposedly and her parents deceased. All her siblings has dark hair while she has blond. Janny also called Julian Jacos uncle in the book. "Uncle Your Majesty Maven has requesty your presence.

Trivia Edit

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