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Jared Jacos was the father of Jenna and Caspian Jacos (twins). He was the uncle of Julian and Coriane Jacos (aka Queen Coriane Calore). He was a Singer, meaning he had the ability to control people's thoughts/ action using only his voice as long as he was looking into their eye, much like the rest of House Jacos. His two children, Jenna and Caspian Jacos died in the war. He long believed that he had no use in living seeing as he outlived his only two children. Jared Jacos was the head of house Jacos, so when he died, his title was passed on to his brother, Coriane and Julian's father, Harus Jacos. Evidently, Jared Jacos was of Silver blood and House Jacos was among the High Houses.


Jenna Jacos- Daughter

Caspian Jacos- Son

Coriane Calore- Neice

Julian Jacos- Nephew

Harus Jacos- Brother

Ability: Singer

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