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Jem is a Red servant who used to work for the Silver Houses. She is one of the passengers aboard captain Ashe's boat.


Jem was as a lady's maid who used to serve the Queen. In 321 NE, when King Maven Calore married the Lakelander princess Iris Cygnet, who brought her own servants from home, Jem was assigned to serve the prisoner, Mare Barrow. She could not approach Mare directly, but was in charge of bringing her linens, food and the like.

During the chaos of the Wedding Battle, Jem escapes the palace and flees Archeon with her partner, Daria, and their two children, Melly and Simon. They travel a long way to the Disputed Lands where they plead for passage on the docks of the Ohius river. Captain Ashe chooses them among the crowd and they secure passage on his boat, along with a Silver princess, Lyrisa.

During the journey, Ashe and his crew talk about rumors they have heard - gossip about the Nortan royalty and a Red girl who has Silver abilities who goes by the name of Mare Barrow. Jem makes it clear that Mare was not with King Maven of her own free will, rebuking Ashe who had mistakenly thought she sounded genuine in her broadcast.

When Lyrisa's betrothed Orrian Cygnet attacks the boat trying to get the princess back, her son is pulled underwater by Orrian's nymph ability. After Simon is saved by Lyrisa with the help of Ashe and his crew, Jem attends to him, wrapping him in dry blankets. When they all manage to escape out alive, Ashe decides to transfer Jem and her family to his fellow captain's boat to keep them safe.[1]


Jem is bold and very affectionate with her children. Despite Lyrisa being the cause for her son almost dying, she shows her compassion when Lyrisa explains her situation.

Physical Description[]

Jem is dark-skinned, has black eyes and black hair.


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