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Quote1.png There is no greater pain or punishment than memory. Quote2.png
— Jessamine to Coriane Jacos, Queen Song

Jessamine Jacos was the cousin of Julian and Coriane Jacos.


At a younger age, Jessamine used to live at court when House Jacos was a very respectable High House, indispensable to Calore kings. Later in life, when House Jacos lost its greatness and wealth, in part due to many members dying in the Lakelander war, she lived in a lonely, empty estate in Aderonack with Harrus, Julian and Coriane Jacos.

For a long time, Jessamine took upon her to look after Julian and, especially, Coriane, for the sake of House Jacos and in an attempt to try to bring it back up to its former greatness. Throughout the years, she had attended and overseen more than a dozen funerals of House Jacos. In 293 NE, Jessamine was also present at Jared Jacos's funerals along with the remaining family. Shortly after the ceremony, Jessamine was very excited to attend the banquet organized by the ruling House Calore, in Archeon, accompanying House Jacos. She got too drunk during the celebration, enough not to scold Coriane for running off.

When Harrus took over his brother Jared Jacos's position as governor, Jessamine and the family moved to the capital, to live at court. Jessamine was ecstatic when Coriane and Tiberias Calore VI fell in love, taking the credit for everything, and was present at their wedding. Around 296 NE, shortly after the death of King Tiberias Calore V, Jessamine died of old age.[1]


Jessamine Jacos was a strict woman but wanted the best for House Jacos and her cousins. She truly believed that one day House Jacos would become great again. And it did, but not for long. Jessamine loved her family, and maybe she would have been less strict if more of her family had survived. Jessamine constantly complained about needing more help of her own.

Physical Description[]

She was described as having saggy skin, gray in pallor, with purple age spots across her wrinkled hands and neck, as well as thinning white hair that barely covered her scalp. She claimed to have stopped frequenting Silver skin healers to age gracefully but in truth it was because the family could no longer afford the treatments.


As a member of House Jacos, Jessamine was a singer, meaning she could use her voice to control people as long as direct eye contact was established. Even at old age, Jessamine's ability was said to be quick and whipsharp.


Jessamine possessed and treasured a cane bejeweled with sapphires, rubies, emeralds and a single diamond, given by family, friends or suitors.


Coriane Jacos[]

While it seemed like Jessamine did not care much for Coriane, she did occasionally show her some kindness. She was in charge of Coriane's lessons and only wanted to help make her a proper lady, by her standards. While making Coriane look better for the banquet, she noticed that she was sad and not acting her usual sarcastic self, and questioned her about it. She was very happy when Coriane fell in love with Tiberias and before their wedding, she complimented Coriane's figure.


  • Julian and Coriane called her "Cousin".
  • When Jessamine was drunk, she could not remember which King ruled Norta.
  • Jessamine sold the emerald from her cane to a gem merchant in East Archeon to pay for Jared Jacos's sepulcher.


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