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Julias Calore II was the seventh King of Norta. His reign lasted from December 9, 118 to March 22, 140 NE.


Because King Caesar Calore II had no children, the crown passed to his younger brother, Julias Calore II.

Julias II married Serena Skonos, who had been one of his brother's constant guardians due to his illness. Because Julias II showed none of his brother's genetic illnesses, it is believed by some historians that his father was not Tiberias Calore II, and that his mother, Queen Irina Calore, had had an affair with someone at the Nortan court. These rumors did not bother Julias II because his mother was Calore by birth herself, and thus he was still a direct descendant of King Caesar Calore I. Most importantly, Julias II was a burner like all Calore kings. If his mother had indeed been unfaithful, it would have been incredibly rare for Julius II to have inherited her ability and not his biological father's.

His reign was otherwise quiet. The kingdoms of Norta, Piedmont, and the Lakelands were all at peace with each other. During his thirty-two-year reign, Julius II undertook a campaign of arena building, expanding the practice of Feats of First Friday throughout the kingdom. He wed two of his daughters to Piedmont princes, deepening the bonds between the two kingdoms.[1]


As a Calore, Julias II was a burner.


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