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Julias Calore III was the eighth King of Norta. His reign lasted from March 22, 140 to December 28, 151 NE.


Despite his father's urging, Julias III bypassed the rite of Queenstrial for a love match, the first time in Nortan history. He married Helena Merandus of House Merandus. Historians openly wonder if the young prince was swayed by her ability, as she was a whisper, rather than the match truly being a romantic one. They had two children, Prince Julias Calore and Marcas Calore.

After Julias III was coronated, his son and heir, Julias, embarked on a tour of Norta. While visiting the border at Maiden Falls, the convoy was set upon by Red bandits, and Prince Julias was killed.

In retaliation, King Julias III decreed that the Red towns around the border would be razed and cleared to make way for a fortress city. He commanded the Reds to build Corvium and then conscripted most of them into the Nortan military. The remaining Reds were deported to tech cities throughout the kingdom to bolster worker population.[1]


As a Calore, Julias III was a burner.


  • Because of Prince Julias's death, no Calore ever named a child Julias again, as it was considered a bad-luck name.


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