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Ketha was a Red who possessed a superhuman ability, similar to that of silver oblivions, due to a mutation in her blood. She was one of the first of the newbloods that Mare was able to track down to help the Scarlet Guard.

Biography Edit

Before being recruited by Mare, according to her records, Ketha was a schoolteacher from a river village. Mare works closely with her at the Notch, helping her hone her ability. In her downtime, Ketha helped teach Kilorn how to read. She dies during the raid on Corros Prison.

Personality Edit

Ketha comes across as a kind and patient woman when she is introduced in Glass Sword. At first, she is proud of the progress she makes with her powers, but is mournful and traumatized at the effects it has on people during the assault Corros Prison.

Physical description Edit

Ketha has mud-brown eyes, tanned skin, and gray-tipped hair. According to Mare, Ketha could almost pass a relative of hers.

Abilities and skills Edit

Ketha was a bomber, a newblood with the ability to explode objects and people with sight alone.

Relationships Edit

Mare Edit

Mare had a closer relationship with Ketha due to her having a physical ability like herself.

Kilorn Edit

Ketha helps Kilorn in trying to teach him how to read. After Ketha dies, Ada helps him.

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