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Kilorn Warren
Kilorn Warren

Premier of Montfort




January 20, 302 NE









  • Mr. Warren (father) †
  • Mrs. Warren (mother)
  • Cameron Cole (lover)

Scarlet Guard


Silver Elite




Kilorn Warren is a Red, and Mare Barrow's best friend who later joined the Scarlet Guard. He was initially a fisherman's apprentice until his master died, making him eligible for conscription.

Biography Edit

Kilorn was orphaned by the war. His father died in the war, and after Mr. Warren's remains were returned home in a shoe box, Kilorn's mother ran off, leaving Kilorn alone. He almost starved to death. As a kid, Kilorn would pick fights with Mare and she would beat up Kilorn but then nurtured him, fed him, and befriended him. Mare considers Kilorn her only real friend. Kilorn was once a fisherman's apprentice. When his master died and he became eligible for conscription, he joined the Scarlet Guard.

During the Nortan Civil War, he was integral to the relationship between Reds and newbloods, helping dispel some of the distrust among "regular" reds.

After the Nortan Civil War, Kilorn moved to Montfort alongside many others, continuing his relationship with Cameron Cole. While there, he organized charity drives for Nortan refugees as well as petitioned the Montfort government to help war orphans.

Personality Edit

Kilorn is shown to be very loyal to both the Scarlet Guard, and the Barrow family, particularly Mare. He is clever although he cannot read, having being taken out of school at the age of seven. He is very defensive, especially to Cal, and is sometimes jealous that he doesn't have abilities like Mare and Shade. He is protective over Mare and pledges to be her best friend until the day he dies. He is very good-natured, constantly making a joke over everything.

Physical description Edit

Kilorn has hair that is described to be tawny and "bottle" green eyes. Due to spending long hours on his former master's fishing boat, he developed sea legs.

Trivia Edit

  • Mare imagined that if Kilorn's master had not died and she did not end up taking Mareena Titanos as a false name to survive, she would have chosen Kilorn as her husband and have "green-eyed children with [her] quick feet" with him.
  • Kilorn has loved Mare romantically for a long time and although he knew she did not feel the same way, he hoped one day she would. Mare imagines that if she had not met Cal that night, her life would have included: "A friendly marriage to the fish boy with green eyes, children we could love, a poor stilt home."
  • About three decades or so after the events of War Storm, Kilorn is elected premier of the Free Republic of Montfort. This implies that he gradually became more and more involved in government and politics, and perhaps was involved in negotiations surrounding the Dancing War and the War of Red Thunder.
  • He prioritizes education, history, and science in his country, spearheading research into Silver and newblood abilites alike.
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