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The Rift, also known as the Rift Valley Region, is the main part of the Prince State in the Kingdom of Norta.


It's a series of rift valleys, each one bordered by a marching line of mountains. The Rift is a wilderness whose wealth lies in steel and iron. The Rift's mountains look like hunched ridges rippling into the horizon. The mountains are part of The Allacias, the long line of ancient mountains marching from Norta to the Piedmont interior.[1]

The capital city is Pitarus, which is also the only city in the region. Pitarus is an industrial nerve center located on a river fork. It connects the steel refineries to the war front, as well as the southern coal towns to the rest of the kingdom.[2]

Ridge House[]

Ridge House is the favored family estate of House Samos, who has owned large amounts of land in the Rift Valley for generations. Ridge House has manicured forests and luxurious grounds. The main halls of the estates are magnetron designed, made of steel walkways with open sides.

Map of the Rift


The Rift has provided materials for making artillery for the Lakelander War, resulting in increased power and wealth for House Samos.

King's Cage[]

The Rift declares independence from Norta and forms the Kingdom of the Rift. It begrudgingly joins an alliance with the other rebelling Silver Houses, the Scarlet Guard, and the Free Republic of Montfort. House Samos wants to install Tiberias Calore VII on Norta's throne, with Evangeline Samos as his queen.

Notable Locations[]

  • Ridge House
  • Pitarus
  • Rosen