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The Rift also known as Ridge House, is a land owned by House Samos for generations.

In King's Cage, they declare independence from Norta to form the Kingdom of the Rift. It has united with other rebelling Silver High Houses with the Scarlet Guard and The Free Republic of Montfort (albeit begrudgingly - they remain allied for practical reasons, but differ socially and philosophically) to install King Tiberias Calore "Cal" VII on Norta's throne, with Evangeline Samos as his queen.

History Edit

The Rift has belonged to House Samos for generations. A lot artillery has come from the resources of the Rift.

Description Edit

Sprawling across the cresting edge of many rifts that gives the region its name. The nation is all steel and glass, easily being House Samos' favorite of the family estates. There are manicured forests and luxurious grounds of the Ridge. Main halls of the estate are magnetron designed, made of steel walkways with open sides. Some run along the ground, but many arch over the leafy treetops, jagged rocks, and springs dotting the property.

Trivia Edit

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