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Larentia Viper is an animos from House Viper and the wife of Volo Samos. She is the mother of Ptolemus and Evangeline Samos.


As Lady SamosEdit

Larentia first appears when Maven Calore presents her and her family to Princess Iris Cygnet of the Lakelands. She makes an impression to Mare Barrow and subsequently notices her staring. She immediately insults Mare, calling her a Red rat. A few months later, Larentia attends the wedding of Maven and Iris.

As Queen of the Kingdom of the RiftEdit

After the chaos of the wedding, Larentia and her family escape through the river. They regroup with the other members of House Samos and they declare themselves to be independent from Maven's rule, calling their territory the Kingdom of the Rift. Houses Iral, Haven, and Laris come into terms with House Samos, until Anabel Lerolan announces that she would rather support her grandson, Prince Cal.

Larentia is present at Corvium, when the forces of the Scarlet Guard meet with the Silver Elites. She clashes words against Farley, which Evangeline attempts to stop by displaying her superiority over the Reds. Larentia notes that the display is poorly done.


Larentia is a formidable woman who commands great respect from both Ptolemus and Evangeline. She does not like to be questioned and is a serious person.

Physical descriptionEdit

According to Mare, Larentia is a severely beautiful woman who bears resemblance to her daughter, Evangeline. They share the same black eyes and porcelain skin. In contrast to Evangeline's silver hair, Larentia has straight raven hair. She also has a dainty figure which makes her seem vulnerable. Larentia is of East Asian descent and has East Asian features[1].

Abilities and skillsEdit

Larentia is an animos; she can control the actions of animals. Due to this power, she constantly surrounds herself with animals, wearing snakes around her neck and shoulders as if they were jewelry. She also frequently brings large predators such as panthers to important meetings. These animals serve two purposes: first, to act as intimidating displays of power; second, for protection. During Maven and Iris's wedding, Larentia wears a skirt dappled with emerald-green butterflies. She seems to particularly like panthers and the animals react to her feelings and emotions, showing them instead of her. In War Storm, Larentia uses wolves to chase after Evangeline, but stopped them before they killed her.

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