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Quote1.png And you know, as well as I do, the crowns we had to destroy to forge our country. How much we had to burn to rise from the ashes. Quote2.png
— Leonide Radis to Dane Davidson

Leonide Radis is a Silver windweaver and a representative in Montfort's government.


Early History[]

Before the Republic of Montfort existed, Leonide was a Silver prince of the former Kingdom of Tetonia. During Montfort's civil war, he abdicated his throne in favor of the Republic. He championed granting amnesty to Silvers for any crimes committed before or during the wars. He was elected to serve as a representative in the People's Assembly.

War Storm[]

Leonide is present when Mare Barrow and Tiberias Calore VII petition Montfort for more soldiers and supplies to continue fighting Maven Calore. He questions why the country should support putting another king on the throne of Norta. He is the first one to vote yes in support of sending more troops to fight against Maven after hearing Cal's speech.

Radis is also present when Mare, Montfort, and Command of the Scarlet Guard meet in the library. Mare tells the group about Jon's warning that they cannot let Norta fall into the hands of the Lakelanders. Radis remains while Maven is questioned. Maven is interested in seeing Radis in attendance.

Broken Throne[]

Kilorn spends his time "all but sleeping in Representative Radis' office, working with officials both Silver and Red."[1] Radis greets the Nortan States' delegation when they arrive for the gala. As a former lord of Montfort, his influence holds great sway over the Silvers from the Nortan States. Cal is careful to introduce him around and to let him charm the Silvers with him. He hopes Radis can show them that the future is not as bleak as they think.

Leonide was elected as Premier after Premier Dane Davidson. He was a stalwart ally to the Silvers of the Nortan States who gave up their titles.


Leonide is confident and sure of himself, as most Silver Elite are. However, his greatest trait might be his belief in blood-equality. Leonide must be quite humble to give up his title and lands to create the Republic.

Physical Description[]

Leonide has wispy blond hair, bone-white skin, and wears robes of deep emerald green. His nails are oddly long and polished to a high shine. He has gray eyes and a long nose. Leonide doesn't look a day over thirty-five but is old enough to remember what Montfort was before it existed. Like all Silvers, his skin is cold-hued.


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