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Luther Carver is a young Red who possesses a superhuman ability due to a mutation.

Biography Edit

Luther is the son of a carpenter that lived on the outskirts of the city of Haven.

Personality Edit

He is shy and afraid of using his powers.

Physical description Edit

He has long black hair and pale skin.

Abilities and skills Edit

Luther has the mutation that grants him a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. He has the ability to absorb the life-forces via touch, and as his training, he sucks the life out of plants. He wears work gloves over his hands because he is unable to control his powers yet.

Cal believes he can use the life-force he absorbs to heal himself.

Relationships Edit

  • Tiberias Calore VII: Like many of the children who lived on the Notch, Luther warms up to Cal and is very devoted as a student is to a teacher, in a respectful way, even pestering Mare to learn about Cal's heroism.

Trivia Edit

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