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Luther Carver is a young newblood who is recruited by Mare Barrow.


Glass Sword

Luther is the son of a carpenter and lived on the outskirts of the city of Haven. He was excused from school to the family trade. One day, Mare Barrow and her team came to his and his father's town, where his father urged Luther to show his Newblood ability to Mare. His father agreed for his son to be recruited, and said to "take good care of him".


He is shy and afraid of using his ability.

Physical Description[]

He has wispy, long black hair with bangs and pale skin, and is small for his age.


Luther has the mutation that grants him a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. He has the ability to absorb life-forces through touch, giving his ability the name leecher.

As part of his training, he sucks the life out of plants. He wears work gloves because he is unable to control his ability yet. Cal believed he can use the life-force he absorbs to heal himself.


Tiberias Calore VII:[]

Luther develops a strong relationship with Cal. As a devoted student, he pesters Mare to tell him about Cal's heroism. Cal can relate to Luther's fear of hurting someone with his ability.