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Madeline Farley was the sister of Diana Farley and the daughter of Willis Farley.


Madeline lived in a village near the Hud with her parents and older sister, Diana.

Around the Spring of 315 NE[1], while her father and her sister Diana were away, one of the Guard's operatives in the Lakelands was captured and tortured for information, ultimately giving up the name of their village. The King of the Lakelands, Orrec Cygnet, punished the rebellious villagers personally by raising the shores of the Hud, a nearby bay, and pulled the water to flood the village and wipe it from the face of his kingdom. Madeline and her mother, Clara Farley, were killed in this incident, known as the Drowning of the Northlands.

Physical Description[]

In a photograph on her father's office, Madeline appears as a blonde young girl, posing with a stern but open expression and wearing dirt-stained clothes.[2]


  • Diana considered naming her daughter in honor of her.


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