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  • The son of Julias Calore III and Helena Merandus
  • His older brother is Prince Julias Calore
  • Like his father, he bypassed Queenstrial to make a stronger alliance with Piedmont
  • He married Princess Elisabeta, a princess of the Tidewater
  • Together they had 1 child, Aerion Calore
  • Reigned for only 8 years
  • Was largely ineffectual and unintelligent, and would delegate his duties to his mother and his wife
  • Queen Elisabeta and Dowager Queen Helena wanted to improve Norta's infrastructure and economy
  • Queen Elisabeta made the Greenway, a road system connecting Norta and Piedmont
  • Dowager Queen Helena expanded the Nortan electrical grid from border to border
  • He died in a drunken fall
  • The two queens continued their work with Marcas' heir, Aerion
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