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Marcas Calore was the ninth King of Norta. His reign lasted from December 28, 151 to December 12, 159 NE.


After his father, Julias Calore III, was coronated, Marcas's brother and heir to the throne, Prince Julias Calore, embarked on a tour of Norta. While visiting the border at Maiden Falls, the convoy was set upon by Red bandits, and Prince Julias was killed, leaving Marcas as the crown heir.

Like his father, King Marcas forwent the rite of Queenstrial for a stronger alliance with Piedmont. He married Princess Elisabeta of the Tidewater and they had one child, Aerion Calore.

Though he only reigned for eight years, his rule was considered a fruitful age in Norta, due mostly to her mother, the Dowager Queen Helena Merandus, and his wife. Marcas was largely ineffectual and unintelligent, preferring to delegate his duties to the queens. The queens undertook a campaign to improve the Nortan infrastructure and economy. Queen Elisabeta, pioneered the Greenway, a road system connecting Norta and Piedmont and Dowager Queen Helena turned her attentions toward expanding the Nortan electrical grid from border to border, reaching even remote Red communities.

When King Marcas died in a drunken fall, the two queens continued their work in conjunction with the new King Aerion.[1]


As a Calore, Marcas was a burner.


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