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Quote1.png I have lived that life already, in the mud, in the shadows, in a cell, in a silk dress. I will never submit again. I will never stop fighting. Quote2.png
— Mare Barrow, Glass Sword

Mare Molly Barrow, also known as Mareena Titanos and The Lightning Girl, is a newblood and a member of the Scarlet Guard. She possesses the electricon ability.


Red Queen

Mare was born and raised in the Stilts by her mother Ruth and father Daniel. She grew up in a poor Red family, destined to serve the Silver elites, nobles with silver blood and various superhuman abilities. She has three older brothers, Bree, Tramy, and Shade, as well as a younger sister Gisa.

Growing up, Mare was especially close to her brother Shade but often felt jealous of Gisa, who was a skilled embroiderer. Mare turned to thieving in order to help support her family, stealing what she could to help them get by. A few months before her 18th birthday, her lifelong childhood friend Kilorn Warren loses his job, which means he will be conscripted into the army when his birthday comes in a couple of weeks. Determined to keep him safe, Mare makes a deal with a Scarlet Guard operative, Captain Farley, to buy them both their freedom.

In order to acquire the absurd amount of money to pay for their passage, Mare gambles everything on sneaking into the Silver city of Summerton with Gisa in hopes that she could steal the money she needed. However, during this time, the Scarlet Guard bombs Whitefire Palace, causing chaos and uproar to ensue in the Summerton Market. Mare and her sister are forced to flee for their safety without the money, leading Gisa to attempt to steal from a Silver on their way out, getting caught, and having her sewing hand shattered beyond repair as punishment.

Guilt-racked, Mare sneaks out at night and headed to a pub at the edge of town, stumbling into Cal. He gives her half of the money she needs and promises to get her a good-paying job working at the Hall of the Sun. It is here Mare first meets Ann Walsh and attends the Queenstrial, discovering that Cal is Prince Tiberias the VII in the process. It is also here that she makes an astonishing discovery.

While Mare is serving the Silver lords and ladies, one of the girls competing in the Queenstrial destabilizes the spectator stands, causing Mare to fall onto the electric purple shield covering the arena. But instead of getting fried to pieces, she falls to the floor unharmed, bringing her face-to-face with a very astonished and angry Evangeline Samos. After getting over the initial shock and almost blasting Evangeline directly with her lightning abilities, Mare attempts to escape, only to be cornered by Cal and the other Sentinel guards.

Mare wakes up inside a cell in the Throne Room, with Queen Elara Merandus standing over her. Elara informs her that she has just finished reading her entire life and that they now must decide what to do about her, a lowly Red servant with Silver abilities. After a short debate, King Tiberias forces Mare to live as the "long-lost" Mareena Titanos and promises her to his youngest son, Prince Maven.

At the palace, among the nobility, Mare struggles to become a proper lady while maintaining her cover, juggling the Scarlet Guard, and contending with her growing feelings for both princes. Her main source of comfort are her lessons with Julian Jacos, a singer and the brother to the deceased former queen, Coriane Jacos. He helps her learn more about her abilities while providing her a place to be herself without the watchful eyes of the cameras.

Mare also begins training with the other Silver teenagers, under the instruction of the powerful silent, Rane Arven. She learns how to calculate advantages in a fight, and gets to see Cal display his strength as a burner and a soldier. During one of these training sessions, Evangeline challenges Mare to a duel, which ends up in a draw and with Mare bleeding. Maven rushes her away so that no one has time to see her Red blood, while Cal prevents anybody from following them out of the room.

Mare directs Maven to take her to Julian, to which Maven grudgingly obliges. It becomes clear that Julian does not trust Maven one bit, though Mare turns a deaf ear as to what the reasons might be. Mare also meets Sara Skonos, a skin healer and trusted friend of Julian, who suffered Elara's wrath and had her tongue removed for knowing too much about Coriane's death.

but her love for Maven is destroyed when he betrays both her and Cal by standing to the side while Elara makes Cal kill their father and taking the throne in Cal's place. Both she and Cal are imprisoned and nearly executed but are rescued by the Scarlet Guard. At the end of the story, they both vow to kill Maven.

Glass Sword

After that she ends up in Naercey where she confronts Maven. Cal and Mare work together using their power to escape Maven. Once they escape they go to Tuck and Mare finds out that the Scarlet Guard is much bigger then she thought with Lakelander being apart of it. Mare is put in a cell with silent stone after trying to talk to Cal. But Kilorn, Farley, and Shade help Mare and Cal escape. Mare and her allies get off the island by stealing a jet and going to look for the newbloods.

Mare, Cal, Farley, Shade, and Kilorn work together to find the newbloods and to help train them. But Mare must be careful as Maven has seen the list and goes around killing all the newbloods he can get to before Mare.

Mare feels guilty all the time and the only one who really understands is Cal. They grow closer while they train the newbloods. But every time Mare finds a newblood, Maven has left a note for her saying that he will see her on her birthday and Cal will before his next.

During one of her missions to find a newblood, she meets a man named Jon who can see the future and tells her that Julian and Sara are alive, along with the other newbloods. But she must leave now or all her friends will die.

At the prison, Mare, Cal, Farley, Kilorn, and the newbloods who chose to go storm the prison. Mare goes especially over the top and kills silver guards who were praying for mercy but Mare says "lightning has no mercy" and kills them. This damaged her relationship with Cal, so he did not help Mare with his fire. At the prison, they kill the queen but Shade is killed by Ptolemus and Mare goes crazy on the flight home making her friends mad.

Once on Tuck, no one talks to Mare but her family. At Shade's funeral, no one consoles her and Cal does not even come. To help herself from stop feeling guilty, she is going to stop the little legion from being marched on the front line. But as they are flying the plane there, Maven captures everyone that came to assist in the mission. Mare cannot watch them die after losing Shade so she surrenders herself. The book ends with Mare being forced to kneel towards Maven.

King's Cage

Though Mare initially expects to meet her end right there and then, Maven spares her life on the grounds that she is too valuable to be wasted on common execution.[1] After being publicly humiliated before all of Maven's subjects, Mare is marched back inside to begin her long imprisonment. She is locked in a decently-sized room and assigned four Arven guards to keep watch on her at all times.

She spends her early days cycling between eating, sleeping, breaking some furniture, yelling, and staring out the window, eventually realizing that Maven intends to let her rot there.[2] A month into her imprisonment, she gets a surprise visit from Evangeline Samos, who leads her down to a ballroom where Maven is hosting a party. After a brief stand-off, Evangeline forces Maven to have Mare finally interrogated, whereupon Samson Merandus happily obliges. Before beginning, Merandus warns Mare, "[Elara] was a surgeon with minds. I am a butcher."[3] He proceeds to tear through her worst memories, forcing her to relive her brother's death before extracting every last detail about the Scarlet Guard out of her.

He's initially engaged to Evangeline Samos but later marries Iris Cygnet. The Scarlet Guard teamed with Montfort soldiers manage to liberate Mare as well as dozens of other newbloods under the sworn "protection" of King Maven.

War Storm

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Broken Throne

Approximately two months after the Nortan Civil War, Mare is finally leaving Paradise Valley with her family to return to Montfort, in time for the gala that is being thrown to get everyone together. Kilorn welcomes the Barrow family and fills Mare in on what has happened.

The next day, Mare meets Farley again and they walk together to join the Scarlet Guard delegation at the library, where the first meeting of the delegations is being held. Mare and Cal are distant at first, not having seen or talked to each other since parting ways after the war. They are still in love with each other, but don't know how to begin moving forward together. With the help of Evangeline, the two are brought together and are able to admit their feelings to each other and begin their futures together.

Throughout the week leading to the gala, Mare attends several meetings and debates to summarize the delegations progress, discuss the reconstruction of the Nortan States and the ongoing Lakelander threat. Mare attends the gala with Cal and her family. She and Cal then go to Paradise Valley for a few weeks to have some alone time.

Sometime in the future, Mare is part of the conflict that follows the dissolution of the Kingdom of Norta, known as the Dancing War. Two decades later, in the War of Red Thunder, she and Cal defeat the forces trying to elevate their two children, Shade and Coriane Calore, to the throne. Both their children broadcast several times "their own abdication, renunciation of rights, and citizen pledges to Montfort several times, hoping to quell any conflicts of succession to the former Nortan Kindom."


Mare is known in her village for being bitter. Her mother even tells her, in the kindest way possible, that she is indeed tougher than her sister, Gisa. However, she does everything to protect her loved ones, and she also has quite a sense of humor. Like most Reds, Mare hates almost all Silvers.

After Maven Calore betrays her, she becomes much more secretive. She starts to push her closest friends and family away, to the point where she and some of her allies refuse to talk for weeks. She develops what she thinks is a despicable habit of killing Silvers without mercy and has little control of the new monster which threatens to take up her humanity. In an argument with Cal, he tells her that she "has no love for anybody", including himself.

Physical Description

Mare is short and has a small, lean frame. She has brown eyes and light golden brown skin. Her hair is brown starting at the roots before slowly fading to gray. Part of the graying ends is dyed purple, to match the color of her electricity. Mare has several scars on her neck and back caused by Maven, and a branded 'M' on her collarbone.


Mare has the mutation that grants her a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. As an electricon, Mare has the ability to generate and control lightning and electricity. Mare has purple and white electricity. She can create lightning storms and web lightning. Mare can sense every device that uses electricity, even a very small amount, and is able to shut on and off cameras, lights and other technical equipment.

As a thief since a young age, Mare is extremely agile and has quick feet and hands. She can easily maneuver through a crowd. Mare's motions are very smooth and graceful, more in a warrior manner than a dancer.[4]


On one of her ears, Mare wears five stud earrings: one pink, one red, one deep purple, one green and one blood-red, given to her by Bree, Tramy, Shade, Kilorn and Cal, respectively.



Quote1.png If I could speak, I would tell Cal that I'm sorry, that I love him, that I need him Quote2.png
— Mare about Cal, King's Cage

Cal is the love of Mare's life.

Mare first meets Cal in a tavern where she tries to steal from him but is caught. Instead of reporting her to the Silver guards, he gives her two tetrarchs and walks her back home, while Mare tells him about her life on his request. Cal feels sorry for Mare and gets her a job in the Hall of the Sun to save her from conscription. Cal and Mare develop an attraction to one another almost immediately following their first meeting and Cal continuously helps Mare adjust to her new life, teaching her how to excel in the training ring and how to dance. During one of the dance lessons, they share a stolen kiss, even though Mare is engaged to Maven and Cal to Evangeline. While she is pulled to Cal, Mare, encouraged by Maven, thinks Cal is her enemy because he does not believe in her cause. When Cal finds out Mare is working with the Scarlet Guard, along with Maven, he brings them to the king to be sentenced, not choosing Mare, as she believed he would. After Maven's betrayal, the two escape execution together, after saving each other's lives several times, with help from the Scarlet Guard.[5]

Mare and Cal develop a very close relationship. When they arrive in Tuck Island, and Mare discovers that the Colonel imprisoned Cal, she delineates a plan to save him, but they agree to abstain from entering any romantic relationship. Nevertheless, when they escape, they share a bed in the Notch and a kiss. Mare even admits to herself that "If I could speak, I would tell Cal that I’m sorry, that I love him, that I need him", ultimately admitting her love for him. After the Corros Prison raid, Mare and Cal have a fight and remain on bad terms, disagreeing on what should be done next. When their air jet is attacked by Maven, Mare willingly accepts to be Maven’s prisoner to save Cal.[6]

Cal does everything he can to get Mare back and succeeds in rescuing her. During their escape Samson Merandus controls their minds and tries to get them to kill each other, but they defeat him together and properly reunite in the air jet, sharing a long embrace, never letting go of each other even while a healer tends to Mare's wounds. Mare and Cal resume their relationship and fall into a routine together, while their relationship continues to grow more serious, with many shared intimate moments while in the Piedmont base. They have their first time in the forest and begin sharing a bed together in the barracks. Cal finally confesses to Mare that he loves her and Mare returns the sentiment. After the battle in Corvium, Cal chooses the crown over Mare, which leaves her heartbroken and severely damages their relationship, as Mare admits "To stand in front of the person who is your whole world and be told you are not enough. You are not the choice. You are a shadow to the person who is your sun."[7]

From then on, Mare tries to ignore Cal even though they are still madly in love with each other. Surprisingly, it is Evangeline who tries and succeeds in getting Cal and Mare back together for a while. At Ocean Hill, Mare confesses that she was devastated when she saw him almost die in the battle in Harbor Bay and Cal reveals that she was the one he saw in his last moments before losing conscience. They spend a night together and choose not to choose for the time being, before they have to part ways again. During the Battle of Archeon, Cal finally gives up the throne and asks Mare "Is it too late?" for him to choose her. Mare, overjoyed, says no and runs to embrace him. After the battle is over, and Mare killed Maven, she decides that they need sometime apart to heal. She says that she has to find herself before pursuing their relationship and they share a final farewell embrace. Mare goes to Montfort, while Cal goes to Norta to help pick up pieces after the war. Mare puts in the earring Cal gave her and misses him terribly while they are apart.[8]

After two months, Mare and Cal see each other again. They are distant at first but then are brought back together by Evangeline. They decide to go to Paradise Valley for a few weeks to have some alone time. Sometime in the future, Mare and Cal have two children, Shade and Coriane Calore.[9]


Mare and Gisa have a typical sisterly relationship. While they may tease one another, they love each other very much and always make up after a fight. Mare used to feel jealous of Gisa because she believed that, while she could not do anything, Gisa was the sweet and pretty one, and would be the one to save their family with her sewing skills. When Mare asks Gisa's help so Kilorn can escape conscription, Gisa does not hesitate to help her. However, Gisa becomes somewhat cold toward Mare in the wake of her injury and Mare feels very guilty for being the cause her sister's sewing hand is ruined. It seems that Gisa's frustration over her injury is in part because by trying to imitate Mare's pickpocketing, she lost the thing that set her apart as the favorite child.[5]

Their relationship improves upon being reunited on Tuck Island and the sisters put behind their resentments. After the Nortan Civil War, they become especially close. Gisa is helpful to Mare in processing what she has been through and dealing with her worries. Gisa is good at deciphering Mare's emotions, as much as Mare tries to keep them hidden. Gisa knows when to push Mare on them and when to let her be, which Mare greatly appreciates.[9]

Shade was Mare's favorite brother. He never bullied Mare, unlike their brothers, and attempted to understand her. Shade was very loyal to Mare and stayed always by her side, using his ability to protect her whenever he could, refusing to leave her side even when faced with danger. He was injured in Naercey when he stepped in front of bullets to protect her and then died trying to save her in Corros Prison. Mare was devastated by his brother's death, which left a hole in her that could never be filled. Mare always wears an earring as a token from Shade and named her son in his honor.

Mare and her mother, Ruth, love each other very much. Mare and her mother used to have a strained relationship, for Ruth did not approve of Mare's pickpocketing, and Mare often felt that her mother wished she were more like her younger sister. Once Mare joins the Scarlet Guard, their relationship improves a lot. Ruth is constantly worried for her daughter and nannies her a lot when Mare returns home, with Ruth cuddling Mare on her bed in more than one occasion to comfort her. Ruth is very proud of her daughter and what all that she has done.

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Quote1.png If you die, I'll kill you. Quote2.png
— Mare to Kilorn
Kilorn is Mare's only true friend. They have known each other their entire lives and are extremely close, despite their constant bickering. They are best friends and he knows her better than anyone. Kilorn consistently shows Mare that he is not afraid of her or her ability. Kilorn loved Mare for a long time, and while he hoped that one day she would feel the same way, he knew she did not and understood. Regardless, Mare imagined that if she had not met Cal, her life would have included "a friendly marriage to the fish boy with green eyes, children we could love, and a poor stilt home". They are incredibly loyal to each other and Kilorn pledged to be Mare's best friend until the day he dies. Mare always wears one green earring as a token from Kilorn.

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Quote1.png I was never yours, and you were never mine, Maven. Quote2.png
— Mare to Maven
Mare and Maven.jpg

Maven was formerly Mare's fiancé. The two were forced into a reluctant engagement after her abilities were exposed in front of the High Houses and Mare initially despised him. However, as time went on they grew closer and became real friends who confided in each other. Maven eventually joined the Scarlet Guard in order to help Mare gain equality for the Reds and get revenge for her brother's supposed death. After Maven and Mare were found out for being in the Guard, Maven revealed his treacherous plan for the throne, as he had betrayed her all along, effectively ending their relationship. Maven later attempted to have Mare executed but she escaped, vowing to return and kill him.

Mare was constantly haunted by memories of Maven and missed the boy she taught he was. Eventually Maven captured Mare and kept her chained with Silent Stone, letting her slowly waste away and suffer constantly, which left permanent trauma on her. During her imprisonment, Maven did not visit Mare in her "cell" until he needed her to do propaganda for him. He used her as his puppet to do everything he wanted and lure in as much newbloods for his cause as she could. On occasions though, they shared some private conversations and Mare realized how much of Maven was his mother's evil doing. Maven told Mare how Elara could not erase certain feelings for someone, like his love for Mare, and that trying to do so, only made it worse. With each attempt to remove Mare from his mind, Elara has made Maven's love for Mare twisted and turned it into an obsession.

Even though Mare hated Maven, she was conflicted, always wondering about the boy beneath and the memories of who she thought he was. When reunited with Cal again, the two talked about finding a way to fix Maven from Elara's doing, but Mare was convinced that there is no way to save him after all the horrible things he had already done. During the Battle of Archeon, Mare pursued Maven and managed to kill him during their final fight, before he could kill her. Even after his death, and despite all the hate she had towards him, Mare was still burdened to have killed him and wondered if he could ever have been saved.

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  • Mare once broke her leg jumping off a porch on a dare from Kilorn. They spent half of their savings trying to pay for her cast.
  • Aveyard once said, that if an iPod with music from now survived, Mare would listen to "electronic, Daft Punk, Avicii, some Sia, Florence, Halsey, Lorde. And EVANESCENCE and MCR like the little wannabe punk she is."[citation needed]
  • Aveyard once stated that if Mare could be any character, it would be Lindsey Morgan, otherwise known as Raven Reyes from "The 100".[citation needed]
  • Mare has a habit of expressing her anger through spitting.
  • Mare said in King's Cage that she wouldn't dye her hair purple, the color of her electricity like the other electricons; but then, in War Storm, she lets Gisa dye the grayed ends of her hair purple.
  • Mare had already saved up for earrings to give her sister when she was going to be conscripted.


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