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The Measures were laws created and enacted by King Tiberius Calore VI, as punishment for the Sun Shooting carried out by the Scarlet Guard. This system of punishments was designed to dissuade Reds from joining or supporting the Scarlet Guard. The king forces Mare Barrow, while under the identity of Lady Mareena Titanos, to announce the Measures to the people of Norta over a broadcast.

The Measures were as follows:

  • Conscription age has been lowered from the age of eighteen to the age of fifteen.
  • A sunset curfew is in effect for all Reds.
  • Security will be doubled in every Red village and town.
  • New outposts will be built on the roads and manned to full capacity.
  • All Red crimes, including breaking of the curfew, will be punished by execution.
  • Anyone who provides information leading to the capture of Scarlet Guard operatives or the prevention of Scarlet Guard actions will be awarded conscription waivers, releasing up to five members of the same family from military service.

As a result of the Measures, the Dagger Legion, the tenth legion in the Nortan military, was formed. It was comprised of the new recruits aged between fifteen and eighteen years old. These child soldiers, as they were called, had little training and were set to be the first to die.

After Maven Calore becomes king, he reverses the Measures in a bid to gain the Red population's trust.