As we grow bigger the Red Queen Wikia will have a lot of images, and videos. In order to keep from overflowing, we have created these policies to cut down on use.

Uploading[edit | edit source]

Images uploaded that do not conform to these rules may be deleted.

  • All images and videos must be related to the wiki! Please only post things that is relevant to the topic!
  • DO NOT overwrite other images or videos, UNLESS it is a better version of the same, media. Please just create a different name following our Naming policies below.
  • DO NOT DUPLICATE. Please do not make multiple copies of the same picture. This will make our Media a mess if you want to use a picture, use one that is already made.
  • DO NOT upload images of poor quality or watermarked images. This makes our wiki look bad, and a mess, please just upload clear images and videos.
  • Inappropriate images are NOT allowed at any time, a block will be issued to the user who created one.
  • Please try not to upload similar images, we do not need 100 different images of Mare Barrow.
  • The standard files are .jpg .png and .gif. No other files are aloud by fandom.

Naming[edit | edit source]

All images must follow the naming guidelines otherwise the image may be taken down.

  • DO NOT RENAME IMAGES AFTER THERE CREATION. This will break all of the pages that have a picture on it, and could cause a lot of chaos.
  • All images and videos must have the correct name on it, for example, if you have your own Mare Barrow image, I would write "Mare Barrow By -**SFitzphie**-" This avoids overwriting other people's images. 
  • OFFICIAL IMAGES: Images such as book covers to images by Victoria Averyard, can not have duplicates or other editions, this is because we are trying to stay true to the series, in having up to date and valid information.

Sizing [edit | edit source]

Categories[edit | edit source]

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