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Mimics are Silvers who can mimic the abilities of others to a lesser extent.


"Mimics are not entirely categorized due to the shifting nature of their ability, which is aptly named. Mimics can replicate the abilities of those closest to them, while the strongest of mimics can recall abilities and utilize those they know best, albeit to a lesser extent than any truly abilitied counterpart. For example, a Silver mimic can train to manipulate flame and through recollection use this ability in combat, but even a partially trained burner would be able to best them with flame alone. Their strengths lie in quantity, not quality, as dueling a proper mimic requires battling multiple abilities. Mimics are most common in Piedmont, and the ruling Prince Bracken of the Lowcountry is one."

—On Silverblooded Abilities by Victoria Aveyard

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