Morrey Cole is a Red and the twin brother of Cameron Cole.

Biography[edit | edit source]

King's Cage[edit | edit source]

Morrey was conscripted into the Nortan army as part of the Measures. He is part of the Dagger Legion and sent to Corvium. During the battle at Corvium, Morrey is among the Red soldiers taken hostage by the Silver Elites who refuse to surrender to Cal and the Scarlet Guard. He, along with the rest of the hostages, are rescued by Cameron and Harrick.

Morrey is mad at Cameron for joining the Scarlet Guard because Maven Calore had described them as a terrorist organization. Eventually he changes his mind after seeing the proof of what the Scarlet Guard is. At the Scarlet Guard's base in Piedmont the two are able to spend some time together.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Described by Cameron as having curly black hair, midnight skin, gangly limbs, big hands with crooked fingers, and the widest, brightest smile she's ever seen. He has coal-black eyes with heavy lashes. Because of his life in New Town, he has a cough. When he is at the military base in Piedmont, Cameron notices that the clean air and sunshine have made his cough go away and improved his overall health.

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