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Naercey, also known as the City of Ruins, is the secret base of the Scarlet Guard in Norta.


Naercey is located to the south of Archeon. It is believed that Naercey is full of radiation based on detectors that were created Techies, who are Reds. They detectors lie about the radiation levels, allowing Naercey to be a hidden and safe area for Red refugees and the Scarlet Guard.

Naercey is made up of ancient and crumbling skyscrapers. The streets are wide and made of asphalt that is cracked and sprouting gray weeds. Trees and bushes grow over concrete, but many have been cleared away. Shattered glass lies all over the ground and clouds of dust drift in the wind. The area contains special markers around the borders, to trick the radiation detectors.

Every building is decrepit, and coated in ash and weeds. Electricity is scarce, but the Red refugees living here are happy to feel a sense of freedom.

Red Queen[]

Mare Barrow and Maven Calore are taken to Naercey by Farley and Kilorn. It is here that they form their plan to try and take power away from King Tiberias Calore VI.

Glass Sword[]

Mare, Farley, Kilorn, Shade, and Cal escape to Naercey after fleeing Archeon. Maven pursues the group with the Nortan military and the Silver Elite. The Scarlet Guard is able to use a submarine, called a mersive, to escape and get to Tuck Island.


  • Naercey is based on New York City.[1]