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Nanny was an elderly newblood and a member of the Scarlet Guard. She is a shifter.


Glass Sword[]

Nanny is recruited by Mare Barrow. She takes care of the newblood children Mare and her friends save.

Nanny is part of the Corros Prison raid. She shifts her appearance to that of Maven Calore's, to fool the Sentinels and guards. She then takes the form of Captain Iral to further their infiltration.

King's Cage[]

Nanny poses as the son of Captain Iral to help Mare escape. Halley, a newblood with the ability to detect the ability of others, reveals her true identity to King Maven. Before she can be interrogated by Samson Merandus, a whisper, she takes a suicide pill.


Nanny is kind and loving, she took care of the newblood children. Mare notes that she can charm anyone.

Physical Description[]

Nanny is an old woman, with a small and skinny build.


Nanny has the mutation that grants her a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. Nanny was a shifter, an ability that allowed her to change her appearance, including her voice, into someone else.


  • Nanny once decided to waltz through the newblood camp disguised as Queen Elara Merandus to scare the others.
  • In Glass Sword Nanny would entertain the young newbloods by shifting into different people at the camp.


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