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Quote1.png "No prison is ever a home. And that's all these slums are." Quote2.png
Cameron Cole to Mare Barrow in War Storm

New Town is a Red-populated factory town, called Tech Towns.


All Reds within New Town must work in the factories, their work so essential that people are not conscripted, that is until the Measures. All factory workers are tattooed on their necks, labeling them with their profession.

The town is enclosed by a squat, thick wall. There is a smuggler's tunnel leading underneath the walls into the town. Silver officers are constantly watching from overarching walkways and inside foreboding guard posts. Stoic block apartments organized like regimented soldiers line the streets.[1] The apartment buildings are tall and stacked precariously. There are cracks in the walls and windows, and they are filthy from the constant pollution. There are seven power stations, one for each of the six sectors and the central hub.


  • Cameron Cole and her family comes from New Town.
  • Barrier trees stop pollution from New Town getting into Silver cities.