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Newblood abilities are the superhuman abilities possessed by Newbloods. Every Newblood has an ability that is either unique or a stronger version of their Silver counterparts.


It is largely believed that Silver abilities were created during the Calamities, when radiation caused many humans to mutate, with most dying off. The ones who survived developed abilities over the course of generations and became the Silvers of the present day.

Scientists believe that, due to competitive evolution, Reds were constantly evolving alongside Silvers. The presence of Silver abilities forced some Reds to adapt abilities of their own for survival, and this mutation allowed them to possess similar abilities, with greater power and extent, known as Newblood abilities.[1]

The first public display of Newblood abilities in Norta was in 320 NE, during Tiberias Calore VII's Queenstrial, when Mare Barrow exhibited her Electricon abilities.[2]


Newblood abilities are part of every Newblood at birth and usually present in their teenage years, which is considered the common age of discovery for Newbloods. Even though it is unclear if Newblood abilities only pass from the father to the children as is the case of Silvers, it is known that only one of the parents needs to be a Newblood for the child to be one too, as is the case of Clara Farley-Barrow - half-newblood, half-Red.[1]

Contrary to Silver elementals, which are limited to manipulation of a particular element, Newbloods can create their element. This gives them an advantage, because Newbloods are not dependent on their surroundings to use their abilities.[2]

Notable Abilities[]

Unnamed Abilities[]

  • Detector - ability detection
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Healing/Pain Immunity
  • Hydrokinesis - water manipulation without requiring a separate source
  • Intangibility - ability to move through solid objects
  • Mental Link
  • Pyrokinesis - fire manipulation without requiring a separate source


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