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Nightingale Welle was a member of House Welle. She married King Tiberias Calore IV.


She had five children with Tiberias IV:

Nightingale oversaw thirty years of war as queen. Towards the end of her husband's reign, he began a clandestine campaign against the Kingdom of the Lakelands. He set up a spy network with House Iral to "infiltrate Lakelander strongholds, track troop movements, sabotage supply chains, and assassinate key figures within the Lakelander government and military."

Their son, Aerik Calore, was killed in retaliation for one of the assassinations the king authorized. After Aerik's death, Tiberias IV spent most of his time at the front, leaving his first son, the crown prince Tiberias V, to rule from Archeon.