Map of the Kingdom of Norta

Map of the Kingdom of Norta.

The Kingdom of Norta, simply known as Norta, is a country located in the northeast. Its capital is Archeon and its government is led by a monarchy formed from the Silver Houses. It has been called as the "light of the world" by its citizens due to its technology and power.

Like the Lakelands and Piedmont, the language of Norta is Common.

History Edit

The country of Norta was forged from smaller kingdoms and lordships, ranging in size from the Samos kingdom of the Rift to the city-state Delphie. Caesar Calore, a Silver lord of Archeon and a talented tactician, united fractured Norta against the looming threat of joint invasion by Piedmont and the Lakelands. Once he crowned himself king, he married his daughter Juliana to Garion Savanna, the ruling high prince of Piedmont. This act cemented a lasting alliance between House Calore and the princes of Piedmont. Many children of Calore and Piedmont royalty upheld the marriage alliance for the following centuries. King Caesar brought an age of prosperity to Norta, and as such, Nortan calendars consider the beginning of his reign the demarcation of the “New Era,” or NE.

Appearance Edit

Norta is rocky and full of forested hills. It has several rivers dotted with water mills and a sea. Silver cities are guarded and surrounded by diamondglass walls, while Red villages are left with little care.

Notable locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Majority of Norta's cities and villages are based from or ruins of cities in the New England and the Mid-Atlantic States of America.[1]
  • Naercy is New York City
  • Harbor Bay is Boston
  • Delphie is Philadelphia
  • The Stilts is Albany
  • Tuck, the Scarlet Guard base, is Nantucket Island
  • Province Island is Provincetown Massachusetts, the city at the northern tip of Cape Cod
  • The series indicates that much of Cape Cod through Rhode Island was flooded, leaving a chain of islands

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