The Nortan-Lakelander War, called the Aggression in the Lakelands, is a hundred-year war between Norta and the Lakelands.

Start of the War Edit

The war began in 200NE, around a century before the events of Red Queen, when King Tiberias the Third of Norta and King Onekad Cygnet of the Lakelands declared war on each other. The war was declared due to disputes over land, as Norta had electricty at the coast, but the Lakelands had agriculture and resources. Each blamed the other for the breakdown in their diplomatic relations. Later on in King's Cage, we find out this is part of a ruse, just a way of population control for the Reds.

Conscription Edit

In Norta, unless you have an apprenticeship or a job, Red citizens are drafted into the war at the age of eighteen. A legionnaire would show up at your doorstep and take the child away, where they would either return on leave, come back discharged, or more often a letter would come thanking you for your child's life.

Later as a result of the Measures enacted after the Sun Shooting, the conscription age lowered to 15 and the new children were given immediate training. Five thousand of these children who did minor offenses such as trying to hug their mothers one last time were placed in the Dagger Legion; a suicide legion that would march straight into the Choke and die. This was a threat by Maven Calore to Mare Barrow and the Scarlet Guard.

End of the War Edit

After the Scarlet Guard takes the city of Corvium, officially declaring war on Norta, Maven moves to stop the war and gain more favor among his subjects. He meets with the leader of the Lakelands, Orrec Cygnet. After much negotiation, it was decided that the Lakelands and Norta would split the area of the former border, the Choke, in half. To seal this alliance between the Lakelands and Norta, Orrec asked Maven to pledge himself to Orrec's daughter, Iris Cygnet.

During this negotiation period, the Samos family plans to leave Maven's court the next time the Scarlet Guard attacks after Evangeline, who was betrothed to Maven, is refused as Maven proposes to Iris.

It is also interesting to note that Samson Merandus, a whisper, was forced to be sent back into a royal transport.

Trivia Edit

  • The Choke has left an estimated 50 million Red and 500 thousand Silver deaths