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Oblivions are Silvers who can cause explosions by contact.

Description Edit

"Oblivions are elementals, with the ability to explode organic or inorganic matter through the manipulative combustion of molecules. They must be touching the object or opponent, and more dense objects or opponents are naturally more difficult to utilize. Skilled oblivions can pulverize solid concrete or stronger metals, making them vital to construction efforts in Silver cities. They are also deadly warriors, using their abilities for more fragile flesh, bone, and organs. Anabel Lerolan, wife of the Nortan King, Tiberias the Fifth and dowager queen of Norta, hails from a noble oblivion family. House Lerolan holds sway over the Delphie regions of Norta, serving as governors." -Victoria Aveyard "War Storm" "On Silverblooded Abilities"

Notable Houses Edit

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