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Ocean Hill is the royal residence in Harbor Bay.


It is located in the western part of Harbor Bay. Ocean Hill has pristine white walls, a sky-blue roof, tall silver spires topped with sharp-pointed stars. It looks crowned in constellations and is surrounded by diamondglass. The edges of the roof are tiled in metal flames. The compound dominates the crest of the hill it sits on.

Inside a winding stairwell leads to the residences, a floor dotted with royal chambers and apartments. Coriane Jacos' colors are all over. The king's chambers are vast, opening off a guarded entry. A sunken room serves as the receiving chamber. Arched windows look out on the bay.[1]


Ocean Hill was given to Coriane Jacos as a gift from Tiberias Calore VI. It was later damaged by Maven Calore.

Glass Sword

Tiberias Calore VII had mentioned that Maven never liked Ocean Hill, feeling that it was too small and cold. When Mare Barrow and Diana Farley were running through the palace, trying to escape the guards, Cal leads them down a secret passage in the palace. While running, Mare saw faint yellow banners, which is the color of House Jacos. It is known that the banners were once Cal's mother's.

War Storm

Cal makes Harbor Bay his capital, and Ocean Hill his court and royal residence.


  • The Azure Blue Indoor Pool at Hearst Castle in California inspired Ocean Hill.[2]


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