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Orrec Cygnet was the King of Lakelands and head of Cygnet Line and the father of Iris Cygnet.


The Ending of the WarEdit

King Maven Calore and Orrec decide to end the war and allying each other to defeat the Scarlet Guard, thus keeping Silver Elite higher than Reds.

The BetrothalEdit

While talking, Orrec says Maven must marry his daughter, Iris Cygnet, to gain his trust and be his ally. Maven replies by proposing to Iris, who says yes.

The WeddingEdit

During the wedding of Iris and Maven, the Scarlet Guard slips in and starts attacking Silvers. Mare Barrow escapes with the Scarlet Guard, while Iris, Maven, and Orrec escape the wrath of the Scarlet Guard.

Battle of CorviumEdit

During the battle of Corvium, Orrec was killed by Salin Iral, leaving behind his wife and his eldest daughter to rule the Lakelands.

Physical descriptionEdit

Orrec is said to have violently straight, long, gray hair, with gray eyes like his daughter.


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