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Orrec Cygnet was the King of Lakelands and head of Cygnet Line.


King Orrec and King Maven meet in the middle of the Choke to decide how they will end the Lakelander War and form an alliance to defeat the Scarlet Guard.

The terms of the alliance include: the Choke divided evenly, the old borders maintained and opened for travel, the Lakelands will have equal use of the Capital River and the Eris Canal. Orrec requires Maven to marry his daughter, Princess Iris Cygnet, to secure his trust. Maven agrees and proposes to Iris, who says yes.

During the wedding of Iris and Maven, the Scarlet Guard slips in and starts attacking Silvers. Mare Barrow escapes with the Scarlet Guard, while Iris, Maven, and Orrec escape the wrath of the Scarlet Guard.

During the battle of Corvium, Orrec was killed by Salin Iral, leaving behind his wife, Queen Cenra Cygnet, and his eldest daughter, Princess Tiora Cygnet, to rule the Lakelands.


Orrec is feared by the Reds in his country, especially after the Drowning of the Northlands. He does love his wife, and accepts that she is the true ruler of the country.

Physical Description[]

Orrec is said to have violently straight, long, gray hair, with gray eyes. His crown is made of white gold, topaz, turquoise, and dark lapis lazuli. Orrec is slight, clean-shaven, and clear-eyed with dark skin that is barely wrinkled despite his age. As with all Silvers, a gray-blue undertone cools his complexion. He is graceful, with sweeping movements akin to a dancer's. His clothing is silver and cobalt.[1] He preferred finery, even on the battlefield.


Cenra Cygnet[]

Orrec came from a lesser branch of the Cygnet Line who married the ruling queen of the Lakelands. While they initially didn't love each there, they grew to love each other over time, and Cenra was heartbroken when he died.


  • According to Victoria Aveyard, many Lakelanders, especially the royal family, are descendants of the First Nations and French-Canadians.[2]


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