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Orrian Cygnet was a prince of the Lakelands and Lyrisa's betrothed. He was a Silver nymph from the Cygnet Line and the cousin of Queen Cenra.


Orrian was betrothed to Lyrisa since the day the Piedmont princess was born, against her will.

In 321 NE, Lyrisa killed a Lakelander escort when crossing the border to escape Orrian, hoping he would think she died with the rest of her convoy under the pretense of a rebel attack. Orrian did not believe this, and he and his court friends gave chase to her. They found Lyrisa aboard captain Ashe's keelboat, where she had secured transport to the Gates of Mizostium, along with a Red family. Orrian waited for them on the banks of the river and attacked the boat, pulling a Red boy underwater. The attack was unsuccessful though and all the passengers on the keel managed to escape out alive.

Ashe and his crew spread the word that there was a Silver prince in the Freelands, hoping the bounty hunters would go after him. Nevertheless, Orrian and his friends eventually caught up to them and attacked the boat again. At first, Ashe pretended to negotiate trading Lyrisa, before the captain and his crew put in motion the plan they had previously discussed and exploded the keel. All his friends climbing the boat died in the fire while Lyrisa proceeded to kill Orrian, severing his head from his body. Ironically, Lyrisa survived, saved by Orrian's wall of water, that crashed down upon her as a result of his death and kept her from being burned.[1]


Orrian was described as "a terrible person - violent, vengeful and a monster of a man".[1] Orrian liked to hunt with his noble friends and was often drunk. He was proud, twisted and enjoyed the pain of others. He was petty, angry and had much hatred in him. He had no regard for the lives of Reds. Even though he belonged to the royal line and was close to the throne, it was still not close enough for him. Ashe believed men like him are cowards.

Physical Description[]

Orrian had pale, sallow skin and dark hair. He was very thin and tall and had a wicked smile.


Orrian was a nymph, meaning he could control water with his mind. Even though he was not as powerful as Queen Cenra and her daughters, he had still a strong and formidable control over water.



Lyrisa despised Orrian. She thought he was a terrible person and had wanted to run from him since their very first encounters. When she did escape him, he delighted in chasing her with his friends. She ended up killing him, by severing his head from his body. His last words were to her: "You will be mine".


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