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Ptolemus Escarian Samos is a magnetron and the older brother of Evangeline Samos.


Red Queen[]

Ptolemus was present during Queenstrial to cheer for the representative of their House, his younger sister Evangeline.

Ptolemus was targeted to be killed in the Sun Shooting by the Scarlet Guard based on the advice of Maven Calore as he was the leader of the Archeon city guard, protecting the capital with his own army of officers. Maven described killing him as "cutting off the head of a snake. Cut him down and the rest will die."[1] However, Ptolemus survived the attack when a skin healer was able to heal his wounds. He is enraged about the attack and immediately looks for Evangeline to ensure she is safe. In a fit of anger he kills Tristan Boreeve, a member of the Scarlet Guard who was captured after the attack. As Tristan died, Ptolemus smiles.

Ptolemus and Cal captured Ann Walsh with the help of the Archeon city guards. They presented her to King Tiberias Calore VI and Queen Elara Merandus. Before she could be interrogated, Walsh kills herself.

Ptolemus and Evangeline are two of Cal and Mare's executioners when they were sentenced to death in the Bowl of Bones. Ptolemus charges Cal, hitting him and knocking him to the ground. Cal uses his ability to burn Ptolemus through his metal armor. Cal tells Ptolemus that he doesn't want to kill him. Cal gets sliced by three knives, distracting him. Ptolemus uses the chance to form a single monstrous sword which he slices Cal across the stomach with. Cal begins dueling both Evangeline and Ptolemus. They are steadily wearing Cal down. Ptolemus manages to wrestle Cal to the ground while Evangeline throws knives at him. Mare crashes into Evangeline, and Cal blasts Ptolemus into her. While Mare fights the other executioners, Lord Osanos, Ryker Rhambos, and Stralian Haven, Evangeline and Ptolemus resume their fight against Cal. They pull up shards of pipes and wires through the floor of the arena. Finally, Cal is able to beat Ptolemus. Mare yells at him to kill Ptolemus, but he can't bring himself to do it. When Maven sends in hundreds of Security, Sentinels, and soldiers, Ptolemus escapes with Evangeline.

Glass Sword[]

Ptolemus and other members of House Samos accompany King Maven and the army to Naercey. They are after Cal and Mare who have been rescued from their execution in the Bowl of Bones by the Scarlet Guard.

Ptolemus is at Corros Prison when Mare, Cal, and the Scarlet Guard stage their prison break. While they are escaping, Ptolemus engages Lady Ara Iral, who was imprisoned for not supporting Maven, in a fight. However, Ara loses to Ptolemus after he plunges a metal spear through her neck. He also kills Shade Barrow as Shade tries to save Mare.

King's Cage[]

Ptolemus becomes the guardian of both his sister, who is engaged to Maven, and King Maven himself. He is present when Maven pledges himself to Princess Iris Cygnet of the Lakelands. House Samos immediately leaves as they are furious with Maven for breaking the engagement with Evangeline.

Ptolemus, and the rest of House Samos, attend Iris and Maven's wedding. He fights in the Wedding Battle. He fights against a Scarlet Guard Lakelander who is also a magnetron. The Lakelander slices off Ptolemus' right hand, and Ptolemus beheads him. Barely able to stand, and suffering from severe blood loss, Ptolemus finds Evangeline and Wren Skonos. The three of them escape Whitefire Palace and Archeon with the other members of House Samos on the Capital River.

Once back at the Rift, House Samos declares themselves independent from the Kingdom of Norta, and the rulers of the Kingdom of the Rift. Volo Samos declares himself king and Ptolemus as his heir.

A few weeks later, Ptolemus marries Elane Haven, as part of an agreement between Evangeline, Elane, and Ptolemus. Evangeline and Elane are lovers, and by marrying Ptolemus, Elane will be able to stay close to Evangeline. Ptolemus has begun a relationship with Wren Skonos as they spent many late nights together while she worked to regrow his hand.

Ptolemus, and the rest of House Samos, participate in the battle at Corvium. They have formed an alliance with the other rebelling High Houses, the Scarlet Guard, and the Republic of Montfort. He is in the meeting afterwards where the alliance between the Kingdom of the Rift and the Kingdom of Norta is cemented through the betrothal of Evangeline and Cal.

War Storm[]

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Broken Throne[]

After the Nortan Civil War, Ptolemus is living in Montfort with Evangeline, Wren, and Elane. He renounces his claim to the Kingdom of the Rift. During the summit of allies to support the Nortan States, Ptolemus makes sure to keep his distance from Farley every time he sees her because he knows she will never forgive him for killing Shade, regardless that he wasn't intentionally trying to kill him.


Ptolemus is well-known for his temper and confidence. When angered, he will let no one hold him back, even if it is Cal or Evangeline. In rare occasions, he shows respect to those who rank above him, such as Cal and Maven. He cares greatly for his younger sister, and is very protective of her. Ptolemus makes a large change in his personality, changing from a villain to a good guy.

Physical Description[]

Ptolemus is described as having silver hair, black, hawkish eyes, and a thick neck. He always wears his House colors, armor, and military uniforms. Evangeline notes that he has their father's long nose and their mother's "tiny rosebud mouth." He is strong-jawed and broad with long fingers.


Ptolemus is a member of House Samos, and thus is a magnetron, meaning he can control metal and other magnetic forces. He is one of the most skilled magnetrons, like his sister. He is a great fighter in battle.


Evangeline Samos[]

Ptolemus is closest with his younger sister, Evangeline. They are four years apart and very protective of each other. He keeps a close eye on her, serving as both her escort and guardian. They have a strong understanding of each other and are willing to do anything for one another. The two siblings can be honest with each other as they can't be with anyone else. Ptolemus marries Elane so that Evangeline and Elane can stay close to each other. Evangeline calls Ptolemus "Tolly," while he calls her "Evie."

Volo Samos and Larentia Viper[]

Volo and Larentia are very strict and harsh with their children. Evangeline is viewed as a mere bargaining chip as a potential bride and Ptolemus is viewed more as the future ruler of the Kingdom of the Rift more than as a son. This is typical in Silver Elite families. Ptolemus has a better relationship with his parents because as the only son, he is the favorite. The fact that he is straight while Evangeline is not might also have something to do with this. Both children, but especially Evangeline, maintain a wariness towards their parents, especially Volo, at all times. They avoid making Volo angry whenever possible. Larentia is always watching her children, using the animals under her control as spies. Ptolemus admits to Evangeline that he is scared to sleep with Wren at their house because he knows Larentia is always watching. Evangeline and Ptolemus eventually rebel against Larentia and Volo in order to secure their own happiness. Larentia disowns her children after they insist that they will support the Nortan States and not claim their throne as rulers of the Rift.

Wren Skonos[]

Wren is Ptolemus's lover. When Ptolemus, Evangeline, and Wren escape Whitefire Palace together Ptolemus gets his hand cut off. Ptolemus spends many late nights with Wren while she heals him. They fall in love and begin a relationship. After the Nortan Civil War, Ptolemus tells Evangeline that he plans to propose to Wren.


  • Evangeline is known to call him "Tolly."
  • Ptolemus's name was inspired by the Ptolemaic dynasty established by Alexander the Great.[2]
  • The name Ptolemus means "aggression" and "rage" in Greek.



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