Quote1 "Now is the right of Queenstrial, to bring forth the most talented daughter to wed the most noble son. In this we find strength, to bind the High Houses, and power, to ensure Silver rule until the end of days, to defeat our enemies, on the borders, and within them" Quote2
Tiberias Calore VI - Red Queen

The Queenstrial is a competition among the daughters of the High Houses to offer themselves to the crown prince. Except under extraordinary circumstance, or when marrying outside the kingdom, any Calore heir to the throne will wed the strongest suitor who presented him- or herself.

The suitors' ages range from about twelve to eighteen. They each perform their House's abilities at the Spiral Garden in front of the royal family and the other noble Silvers. After a candidate is chosen, she is asked for her hand-in-marriage by the crown prince during the big feast and she pledges herself to him.

Queenstrial was created by King Caesar Calore I after he successfully created the kingdom of Norta. It is a violent pageant, meant to showcase a girl's beauty, splendor, and strength. It's a display of power with the goal of pairing the prince with the most powerful girl, so their children might be the strongest of all.

The rite begins with the daughters presenting themselves to the royal family in the Spiral Garden of the Hall of the Sun. Then the High Houses have big feast.

Known Winners Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There are four Calore kings who have wed outside the bonds of Queenstrial.
  • Helena Merandus was the first queen who was not chosen by Queenstrial. She married Julias Calore III. Historians openly wonder if the marriage was truly a love match, or if Helena used her ability as a whisper to sway Julias.
  • Princess Elisabeta was the second queen who was not chosen by Queenstrial. She married Marcas Calore as part of an alliance between Norta and Piedmont.
  • Coriane Jacos was the third queen who was not chosen by Queenstrial. She married Tiberias Calore VI in a true love match. It was supported by his father, who was firm in denying the opposition of the High Houses regarding the Queenstrial's nonoccurence.
  • Iris Cygnet was the fourth queen who was not chosen by Queenstrial. She married Maven Calore as an alliance between the Lakelands and Norta, bringing an end to the war between the two nations.
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