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The Queenstrial is a competition among the daughters of the High Houses to offer themselves to the prince. Their age ranges from about 12-18. They each perform their House's abilities at the Spiral Garden in front of the royal family and High Houses. After a candidate is chosen, she is asked for her hand-in-marriage by the prince during the big feast and she pledges herself to him.

Known winners Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There are four Calore kings who had wed outside the bonds of Queenstrial.
  • Coriane Jacos was the first known queen who was not chosen by Queenstrial. She became a queen because Tibe loved her and Tiberias V was firm in denying the opposition of the High Houses regarding the Queenstrial's nonoccurence.
  • Iris Cygnet is the second known queen who was not chosen by Queenstrial. She wedded Maven Calore as an alliance between the Lakelands and Norta, bringing an end to the war between each other.
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