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Rane Arven was a silent and the instructor of the Silver nobles' children.


Queen Song[]

Queen Coriane Jacos employed Rane in her service when her paranoia had taken hold of her. His presence calmed her, and Coriane trusted Rane's ability as a silent, and believed that she was safe as long as Rane remained outside her room, and that Elara's whispering would not reach her.

Red Queen[]

Rane is the instructor of the Silver children's training at the palace. Mare recognizes him from broadcasts where he oversaw executions in the capital.

He pitted the children against each other and often asked his signature question, "Who has the advantage?"

Later, he acted as an accomplice of Queen Elara Merandus to the murder of King Tiberias Calore VI. He made it seem as if he was silencing both Mare and Maven, until he removed his hold on the prince and Maven revealed himself to be working with his mother.

When Mare and Cal are sentenced to execution in the Bowl of Bones, Rane uses his ability to keep Mare from accessing her ability. Ryker Rhambos corners Mare by the gate to the arena where Rane is standing. Ryker is throwing rocks and metal at Mare. He aims a long, jagged pipe at Mare and hurls it at her. Mare drops to the ground at the last moment, and the pipe spears Rane through his middle, killing him.


Mare describes him as "lording over the Reds and even the Silvers sentenced to die" when she would see him on broadcasted executions. "He is the instructor, the executioner, the silence. He can reduce a Silver to what they hate most: a Red. He can turn their abilities off. He can make them normal."[1]

Rane appears to enjoy using his ability on others. He shows no remorse for helping to kill the king and for silencing Mare in the Bowl of Bones. He is cruel and selfish. During the fight in the Bowl of Bones, Rane laughs and sneers at Mare as he asks his trademark question, "Who has the advantage?"

Physical Description[]

Rane was described as somewhat tiny and unassuming, with white hair, and pale, wrinkled skin. He speaks in a whisper, which can be unnerving. He looks old and his skin is as white as paper. He has sharp little teeth and a fearsome gaze. Mare describes his breath as "reeking of poison."[2]


  • It is possible that Rane was already working with Elara during Coriane's death. If Rane truly used his ability to serve Coriane, Elara's whispers wouldn't have reached Coriane.