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Rane Arven was a Silencer and the instructor of the other Silver Elite children. He often makes appearances during executions.

Biography Edit

Coriane's guardEdit

Queen Coriane Jacos employed Rane in her service when her paranoia had taken hold of her. His presence calmed her, and Coriane trusted Rane's ability as a silencer and believed that she was safe as long as Rane remained outside her room, so that Elara's whispering ability would not reach her.

As the Silver Elite instructorEdit

Rane was the main instructor of the Silver children during Training. He pitted them against each other and often asked his signature question, "Who has the advantage?" When Evangeline Samos once defied him, he showed a different side of himself, making his voice sharper than it usually was.

Later, he became an accomplice of Queen Elara Merandus to the murder of King Tiberias VI. He made it show as if he was silencing both Mare and Maven, until he removed his hold on the prince and Maven revealed himself to be working with his mother and instructor. In the Bowl of Bones, Rane kept Mare under his silencing ability, but was killed when a metal pipe went through his stomach after a strongarm aimed for Mare.

Personality Edit

Physical description Edit

Arven was described as somewhat tiny and unassuming, having white hair, and pale wrinkled skin.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Rane was already working with Elara during Coriane's death. If Rane truly used his ability to serve Coriane, Elara's whispers wouldn't have reached Coriane.
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