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Rash is a newblood and the brother of Tahir and Ibarem.


Glass Sword[]

Rash is introduced to Mare Barrow, along with his brother Tahir, when she arrives on Tuck Island after the Corros Prison raid. Rash and Tahir tell Mare that they have traveled from the Free Republic of Montfort. They give her a brief history of their country, telling her how Montfort has been in hiding for twenty years, but that they are ready to fight against Red oppression and the killing of newbloods. They tell Mare that they are on Tuck as ambassadors to form an alliance with the Scarlet Guard and to offer sanctuary to the newbloods of Norta.

King's Cage[]

Rash is at the Piedmont base when Mare arrives after she has been rescued. He then goes to Norta as a spy, using his ability to send information back to Premier Dane Davidson and the Scarlet Guard.


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Physical Description[]

Rash and his brothers are identical triplets with dark brown skin and curly black hair that is tight like a cap. They have mud-brown eyes and immaculate beards. Like his brothers, he has a scar on his face, his being on his right cheek, to tell them apart. The scars were done by Silver lord long ago.

His Montfort uniform is thick, faded green with black detailing. There are badges on the front of the uniform, a white circle with a dark green triangle inside.


Rash has the mutation that grants him a Silver-like ability despite having Red blood. His ability gives him a mental link with his brothers, Ibarem and Rash. Their ability does not yet have a name.