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Rasha Binli is a Red and a member of the Scarlet Guard.


Rasha was born in the The Kingdom of the Lakelands and lost two sisters to Lakelander conscriptions before escaping the same fate and joining the Scarlet Guard.

Rasha is part of Captain Farley's team on Operation Red Web, with the goal to infiltrate and introduce the Scarlet Guard into Norta. During one mission, Rasha is very disturbed to see a boy being dragged away from his family to be conscripted, remembering her sisters. When the Scarlet Guard's safe house near Corvium is attacked, she flees into the woods and is missing in action for a while. She is one of the few members of the team to survive.[1]


Rasha is skilled with a rifle.

Physical description[]

Rasha has dark skin, black eyes and curling black hair.


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