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Quote1 Rise, red as the dawn. Quote2
— The Scarlet Guard's motto

Red Queen is a YA dystopian-fantasy series by Victoria Aveyard. It began in 2015 with Red Queen and ended in 2019 with Broken Throne.

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After a series of catastrophic disasters almost wiped out humanity, human civilization underwent some massive changes. The biggest of these changes was the emergence of Silvers, people with silverblood and superpowers that ranged from pyrokinesis to mind reading to super strength. Over the course of several centuries, Silvers became kings with unlimited control over their powerless Red brethren.

It is in this world that Mare Barrow was born. Along with her family and Kilorn Warren, her only friend, she manages to eek out a living under the tyrannical rule of the Silver Elite. Her one hope in life is that both she and Kilorn will be able to avoid being drafted into the ongoing war between their home country and its neighbour. When Kilorn's master dies suddenly, Mare scrambles to find someone who will get him out of their home and away from the draft.

Luckily, she comes across Diana Farley, a captain in an underground rebellion group that seeks an end to Silver rule. Kilorn's safety comes at a steep cost, however, one that Mare cannot easily obtain. She tries picking the pockets of various people and, in her haste, gets caught by a tavern patron who only identifies himself as Cal. Mare finds herself explaining her situtaion to the stranger who offers her a job in the Silver palace. Desperate and out of options, Mare accepts his offer.

Mare's first day has her working during the rite of Queenstrial. During the last one, she falls into an electrical shield and, somehow, manages to survive. Unknown to her is the fact that she is an electricon, a Red with the ability to control lightening.

In order to cover up the impossibility of a Red possessing any kind of superpower, Mare is forced into the role of a lost Silver princess. Unable to reunite with her family, Mare finds herself constantly toeing the line between life and death. Despite the ever present danger, she does find a few allies within the palace, even forming a tentative friendship with Julian, her tutor, and Cal, the stranger from the tavern who turns out to be the King's first son and heir.

Despite her new life, Mare cannot forget everything that the Silver Elite continue to do to her kind. Now in a position to get inside information, Mare becomes a member of the Scarlet Guard in the hopes for a brighter future. With her joins Kilorn and Maven Calore, the King's second son.

This allience does not last for long, though. A shocking betrayal leaves Mare's heart in shambles, making her realize that the path to a Red dawn will be a long and brutal one.

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