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Victoria is a recent graduate from the USC screenwriting program. She scored a three-book deal for the Red Queen series. The film rights were optioned by Universal Pictures.

While Aveyard was interning at a studio, she was tasked with looking at self-published books on Amazon to see if there was anything to option. "I realized that everything good was taken and even everything bad as well." She decided to try writing herself.

Read more about her here...

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Universal Pictures has optioned Red Queen. Benderspink and Pouya Shazbazian are producing. The first in a trilogy, Red Queen is set in a fantasy world where society is divided by the color of blood. It features a 17 year old girl who, to save her family, must assume the role of a long-lost princess while secretly aiding a revolution.

The movie was pitched as Divergent meets Game Of Thrones. Read more about the film here...

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KING'S CAGE by Victoria Aveyard Official Book Trailer

KING'S CAGE by Victoria Aveyard Official Book Trailer

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  • Asnow89

    Red Queen Film Rights

    July 25, 2014 by Asnow89

    GREAT NEWS! Victoria Aveyard's book Red Queen, which isn't even out yet-- we have to wait until 2015 (tears), already had its film rights optioned by Universal Pictures. Victoria signed her book contract and sold the film rights on the same day. I …

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