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Red Web was a Scarlet Guard operation carried out in 320 NE in Norta. The team was composed by ten members, led by Captain Farley.


The objective of Red Web was to infiltrate and introduce the Scarlet Guard into Norta through existing networks. The operation took around 56 days and was divided into two stages.

In Stage 1, the goal of the team was to gather intelligence about Norta, establish open lines of communication with the underground smuggling operations, namely the Mariners and the Whistle network. During this first stage, Farley also assessed possible assets to be recruited to the Scarlet Guard and/or to proceed to Stage 2 – asset removal.


Captain Farley and her team transited smoothly from the Lakelands to Norta through Aderonack, the Greatwoods and the Marsh Coast regions, and with more difficulty into the Beacon region due to heavy military presence.

In the beginning of the mission, Farley established contacts within the smuggling operations known as the Mariners, in Harbor Bay, and the Whistles, in Orienpratis and Albanus. Then, arranged by Will Whistle, Farley and her team went to Corvium, Nortan's central military fortress, where she also met assets within the Red Army, namely Corporal Eastree and Shade Barrow. Against Command orders, Farley’s team stayed in Corvium to continue working with the new assets and gather more military intelligence.

When the Scarlet Guard's safe house was attacked by Silvers, the team fled into the woods warned by Shade. During the raid, five members of the team were killed. Tristan and Rasha were missing in action for a while but survived. At the time of the escape, Shade revealed his ability to teleport, marking him as a newblood, and was officially oathed to the Scarlet Guard. This is the Guard's first recorded encounter with a newblood.

During Stage 2, 30 assets were removed in two weeks. After Mare Barrow’s abilities were discovered and she joined the Scarlet Guard, the team proceeded to Operation Lightning.[1]


New Recruits[]


  • Red Web was Farley’s first operation without the Colonel.


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